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    Click on this block and you see on the right side the Gutenberg-Block settings of the “JSON Content Importer Gutenberg Block”. Yet there is an example to show how it works. The Example-URL is
    Some settings show you how the JSON-parser and display works. The example-template is (try to change it on the right):
    start: {start}<br>\n{subloop-array:level2:-1}\nlevel2: {level2.key}\n<br>{}\nid: {}, type: {}<br>\n{/}\n{/subloop-array:level2}
    The result of combining JSON and this template gives us the output. Use this example to experiment: Type “level1” in the right basenode-field, please. This will change the output as now the JSON and the template fit together (without not…)
    You may also open the lower right “JCI Advanced“-section. Insert at “One of these words must be displayed:” the word “bb”. And at “JSON-depth of the above displayed Words:” the number 3. Do you see the difference at once?
    \n\nlevel2: \n
    \nid: , type: